Quick start

Simple OSC implementation in pure Python. Based on https://pypi.python.org/pypi/python-osc.

This library was developped following the specifications at http://opensoundcontrol.org/spec-1_0 and is currently in a beta state.


  • UDP client and server
  • OSC arguments support - int, float, string, blob, true, false
  • Blocking/threading/forking server implementations
  • Simple API


Download library source code and unpack in your project. Download it here http://bitbucket.org/grailapp/osc

After unpacking execute in terminal following command to install a library

python setup.py install


Examples can be found in Examples section of this documentation.

Quick examples

# create osc message with address '/message/address'
message = OSCMessage(address='/message/address')

# argument can be string, int, float, bool and binary
message.add( 'Some text argument' )
message.add( 3 )
message.add( 0.75 )
message.add( True )

# create osc bundle and add a message
bundle = OSCBundle()
bundle.add( message )

# create client and send to
client = OSCClient('', 8000)
client.send( message )
client.send( bundle )

# bind server and listen for incoming messages at
server = OSCServer('', 8000)